Global Business Event Requiring Split-Second Timing

Case Study

Case Study

An IT company needed to gather its global employee team in Hong Kong for their annual meeting.

The purpose was to update the company on the business, enable staff to connect with peers, and to work together to develop new product ideas and ways to grow the business.

Gathering 450 busy IT professionals from over 25 countries in one dynamic city was right up C.KAY International’s alley.

We planned and managed all event logistics, activities, and budget including transportation, accommodation, A/V, registration, food and beverage, and meeting space arrangements. We arranged special hospitality events for peers to mingle and even a volunteer project.

The team contributed to a community in Hong Kong by cleaning beaches and setting up a café where employees could fix computers brought in by local residents.

​For one session, the 450 attendees had to divide into 30 teams for meetings. To ensure this happened smoothly, C.KAY International and the hotel practiced the night beforehand to turn the main ballroom into 20 meeting spaces, equipped with projectors, screens, flipchart, and chairs—all within 25 minutes. Practice makes perfect and we turned the rooms with 7 minutes to spare.

​The result was a successful annual meeting. Business objectives were met and employees left with stronger connections to each other—a vital result for a globally dispersed team that sometimes sees each other only this one time each year.

A Virtual Event on Women in Leadership

Case Study

Case Study

C.KAY International was pleased to plan and produce a one-day virtual conference on Women in Leadership for a financial services firm based in Texas.

With 120 attendees from across the country and 10 speakers presenting from their homes, the event required careful planning, top-notch on-screen content, and a flawless technical solution

C.KAY International used Zoom as the technology hub and streamed content onto a tailored website for the attendees to view. C.KAY International supported the client’s creative team in creating the online assets for the show and provided a streaming engineer, show caller, and green room manager.

The C.KAY International team ran thorough tech checks with speakers to ensure the event ran smoothly. They walked the speakers through the process of being live-streamed and advised them on how to make their home environment back-drop look great.

During the event, C.KAY International supported the MC/Host in her duties and managed the speakers coming into the virtual green room and onto the virtual stage.

The event flew by without a hiccup and the attendees left their screens at the end of the day feeling connected and inspired.

An Executive Retreat Building Igloos Above the Arctic Circle

Case Study

Case Study

A London-based IT firm required a four-day retreat for its executives. The leader wanted to create an environment for the 20-member team to connect, bond, have fun, and plan for the year ahead. C.KAY International flew the team to northern Sweden to huddle at the Icehotel, 200km north of the Arctic Circle.

​On arrival, executives were kitted out in cold weather gear and shown to their rooms. The “beds” were blocks of ice, wrapped in a sleeping bag and reindeer skin—surprisingly warm! Event festivities started in the notorious Icebar, entirely made of ice.

The next day, C.KAY International loaded the team onto Skidoos to venture into the icy wilderness with a daunting goal: to build an igloo the team believed they would sleep in that night. They built sleeping quarters, were taught some survival skills by our local guide, enjoyed dog sleds, and some braved a dip in an ice hole.

Then, back on the Skidoos to a remote hunting hut, where the executives were relieved to find food, beer, and beds for the night.

​Back at the Icehotel, the team hunkered down for business planning and more team-building. Then back to London with planning completed, a stronger leadership team, and a lot of ice-laden stories to tell.

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