She gave us the gift of sanity on our wedding day

Case Study

Case Study

C.KAY International helped a couple bring their dream wedding reception to life and the newlyweds say that enlisting C.KAY International was the best decision they could have made

More than 100 guests gathered at the couple’s home near Seattle to celebrate after the ceremony.

C.KAY International handled all the tricky details that can make or break an important occasion like this: flowers, decorations, floor plan, furniture, signage, communicating with vendors, and set-up on the big day.

There were many special details to be supported including COVID considerations, the on-site BBQ truck, custom cocktails, and the impressive lawn centerpiece: the couple’s beloved helicopter.

From guest check-in to the final good-night, the event went like a charm.

For the couple, being able to leave all the stress and heavy-lifting to C.KAY International was extra icing on their wedding cake.

“We worked with Caroline to organize our 110-person wedding and it was the best decision we could have made. Ultimately, she gave us the gift of sanity on our wedding day: we didn’t have to do a single thing besides show up and enjoy our guests.”

The bride and groom

Celebrating a Milestone Event in Style

Case Study

Case Study

As a Seattle woman was approaching a milestone birthday, she decided to celebrate in style: inviting 200 people to a Christmas-themed extravaganza that included a band and DJ, food and drinks, and special decor

C.KAY International handled this event from soup to nuts: managing the special invitations and locating/arranging a unique venue that could be split into different areas: a lounge for people to sit and sip, a cigar-smoking den, and a dance floor.

We even arranged for the birthday girl to get her hair and make-up done before arriving at the venue in style to celebrate.

A good time was had by all.

The guest of honor celebrated her special birthday in rare form—relieved of the stress, time, and hard work of putting together a 200-person celebration.

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