In My Bag of Tricks

“It gives me the supplies I need to stay healthy, energetic and calm when working events”

I travel a LOT. Both to manage client events and for fun. And in this nomadic lifestyle, I’ve come up with a packing list that does it all. It gives me the supplies I need to stay healthy, energetic and calm when working events and taking what are usually hyperactive vacations. In my travel bag of tricks:

Metal first aid kit on a pink background

First aid kit – you never know when a paper cut will strike!

Three versions of the RX Bar

Snacks – to keep the energy level going. I’m a huge fan of RX Bars.

Swell Onyx Traveller

My favourite tea mug – which is constantly being filled up.

Hand holding wireless phone that is charging

Chargers – for this, that and the other gizmo. I can charge almost everything.

US currency of various denominations

Cash – for tips! When I’m managing an event, my new best friends are the venue staff. They’re the lifesavers who help you throughout the event.

Feminine person walking in comfortable shoes

Comfy shoes – gone are the days when I was in heels for 16 hours a day!

Boxing Gloves

Gym clothes – for when the energy level is going and I can sneak in a break from event duties.

A variety of travel candles

Travel candles – yes, there is such a thing! A friend gave me some and I now can’t live without them. They’re heavenly in stuffy hotel rooms and they help me relax.
Markers, pens, and writing supplies

Writing supplies – pens, highlighters, sharpies, and more. You name it, I probably have it.

Gin and tonic

Alcohol (to sterilize those paper cuts, of course…)

It’s always fun to compare notes with other road warriors, to see what “can’t-live-without-it’s” are in their bags. What do you have in your travel bag of tricks?

(Not a paid endorsement for any of the above! I just love them…)

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